El mensaje de una modelo que no pudo vencer al cáncer

27 jul 2020 , 09:44

En una publicación 'post mortem', la mujer se despide de sus seres queridos.

"Si esto se publica, significa que finalmente he muerto después de semanas de aferrarme a la vida". Así empieza el mensaje de despedida de la modelo y fisicoculturista británica Gemma Sisson que esta semana falleció de cáncer a los 39 años.


En el mensaje, que apareció en las redes sociales de Sisson tras su fallecimiento, la mujer da las gracias a sus seres queridos por el apoyo que le han brindado y desea a todos sus amigos y seguidores que "vivan su vida al máximo" y que "no den por sentado nada ni a nadie, porque ninguno de nosotros sabe realmente lo que está a la vuelta de la esquina".


Sin embargo, con esta publicación Sisson quería ante todo llamar la atención sobre una petición que describe los hechos que condujeron a su muerte y lanza un llamamiento a las autoridades sanitarias del Reino Unido para que modifiquen y actualicen los procedimientos estándar de examen de los pacientes con cáncer, para que no corran la misma suerte que Gemma.



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Give me fucking strength!!! - So as of Friday I’m back on the Chemo; 2 months earlier than planned but I went down hill so fast after coming off it, it was agreed it was the best option. So although Chemo has a terrible reputation I have been put on one that really works for me and I can already start to feel some improvements both mentally and physically - But as I clearly don’t like to do things by halves the issues with my mobility in my right side has got, in many ways, a shit-load worse. I’m wearing a neck brace most of the day to support the collapsed muscles in my neck and am unable to do certain movements with my right hand, the signals aren’t connecting between my brain and my nerves... which is scary as fuck - I’m really hopeful that starting my physio regime is gonna help but there is a ton of unknowns at the minute. It sounds likely that the cancer is wearing away at my nerve cells which is causing the deterioration in my movement.... so I’m hoping the chemo can help slow this down..... hopefully reverse i- Focusing on the positive is difficult as fuck right now with so many unknowns but I’ll pull my head out my arse and crack on with the physio and put my faith in the Chemo working some magic!!! - This bitch is down but not yet out - #fuckcancer#mindset#changeforgemma#livingwithcancer#stage4cancer#givemestrength

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Yesterday fb memories reminded me it was four years ago (!?!) that I won my bikini comp... & I’ve also been thinking I should probs change my insta profile pic COs apart from a few rehab sessions it’s 9 months since I set foot in a gym - absolute #catfish Before I found out the reason for the pain in my back and neck was being caused by secondary cancer tumours, the gym was my absolute passion- although I competed in bikini comps I actually hated the show day side of things as I’m naturally quite introverted but I just loved the training!! I trained religiously for 8 years including being lucky enough to keep up some level of training throughout the treatment for my primary cancer. - The minute I was diagnosed with the secondary cancer i had to instantly give up going to the gym as I was at risk of being paralysed at any second and had to have a 9 hour emergency spinal fusion surgery; I did hope I would be able to take up some level of training again but my cancer has been so aggressive this hasn’t been possible and I’ve had to watch my body deteriorate at such a level I’m now practically bed bound, when I went for my last hospital appointment on Thursday I had to use a wheelchair and apart from texting, my right hand is pretty much useless due to nerve damage. - I really don’t want this to come across as a ‘sympathy’ post.... but I do want people to appreciate your bodies and all the amazing stuff they can do for us, when they’re working properly! it can all be taken away from us so quickly - through illness or injury; and tbh it’s been devastating to see myself go from fit and healthy to disabled in such a short space of time. - I had to switch my mindset real quick once I found out about the secondary cancer and accept I wouldn’t be able to train again - as I’ve found with everything to do with this cancer you’ve gotta adapt to shit really fast!!!! - But on a side note; I get that it’s shit for people who love the gym that they aren’t able to train as they’d like atm.... but it’s kinda tough shit! We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and the temporary loss of your gains is pretty fucking trivial in the grand scheme of things #fuckcancer

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